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We specialize in true dual exhaust as shown below with top brand original Flowmasters ( For the best throaty sound or muscle car sound) or do you want it more mellow yet deep sound go with magnaflows high flow mufflers. these can go on any old/new car or truck like caprice, hotrod, malibu, c10 pickup, impala, crownvic, cutlass, grand marquis,skylark etc... we can make it with H or X pipe if desired all in 2.5 size pipe.


With performance mufflers and basic chrome tips. some 1975 and newer cars will need catalytic converters for emissions. Browse thru our pictures chances are I have done one just like yours.


Remember we are older car and pickup specialist.

Your catalytic converter is responsible for reducing harmful gas and reducing emissions from entering the atmosphere

We have 4" and 5" exhaust from turbo back. Exhaust for every diesel truck and utility van, or flat bed, upgrade your diesel exhaust to a performance free flow system. Using top brands which brings fuel economy, torque, performance, cooler engine, better sound,...


We can do stacks, custom location for all tail pipes, muffler deletes, repairs ,chrome tips available ranging from 4" to a 10". Low prices and priceless workmanship We work after hours or work around your time or needs. dodge cummins, chevy/gmc duramax, ford power stroke.


Chips available too.

Power gain and performance is our goal make this happen for you and your car/truck with our cat back duals or true duals these mufflers will increase mpg and horsepower. With top brands like Flowmaster, Magnaflow, Cherrybomb, etc. you can accomplish this; you can also leave your single exhaust and just add a performance muffler in place of your stock or upgrade to a single bigger pipe always replacing with a high performance muffler like the above mentioned.


We do any make or model with the tail pipes coming out the back or to the sides of the truck or if you want them to be hidden also. Or which ever location you want them to be, like in front of the tire, both pipes out the same side in rear or side etc. your choice.

Here at Rick's Power Muffler we sell and install high quality Hitches and T connectors along with accessories for almost every car, truck, or suv call us for quote.
Here at Power Muffler we can custom build a catback or header back systems for any euro or domestic 4/6/8 cylinder. with high performance mufflers for a deeper rich sound like Magnaflow performance and your choice on the size of the pipe 2.25'' or 2.5''.

Remove and replace your stock loud small muffler on your generator to a new bigger muffler bringing the annoying sound down. and also we can upgrade your gas reservoir to a big five gallon tank as shown bellow call me with any questions.


We also can do custom fabricating, motorcycle muffler delete, custom fabrication, cages, tables, etc.

Are you looking for muscle sound and improved performance only by changing the main mufflers out you can accomplish this. But if you are looking for full potential on your high performance engine true duals is the way to unleash full potential on your vehicle .


We also do custom systems for older generation Camaro or Firebird (or any other car with mufflers in the rear that sits sideways call for a quote) with best brands like Magaflow and Flowmaster for a Dual application on any of these cars, you can put any chrome tips ranging from 2.5" and up from there to different styles we also do straight pipe Y pipe for V8s. Also upgrade your original catback system into a 3" which helps with performance and sound if needed or wanted


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