RPM diesel systems are designed to get you torque and power, this is something you can see and feel from the beginning when you do your upgrade in your exhaust system. We can make anything happen for you on looks and sound too.


Performance diesel exhaust is intended to improve airflow through the engine. Anytime you can improve the efficiency of airflow through a combustion engine you can increase your vehicles performance. The exhaust system has two main functions: to silence the engine and to optimize the performance of the engine. Silencing is determined by the design and constructions of the mufflers and the diameter of the exhaust pipes while performance is governed by the shape and length of the exhaust system. Installing a larger diameter exhaust system can typically give you an increase of at least 20hp and 35 ft lbs of torque as well as increase gas mileage up to 2 mpg.

Also the main reason you want to upgrade the exhaust is the benefit of lower EGT's (Exhaust Gas Temperatures). It's very important to keep EGT's low to ensure the longevity of your diesel motor. Pulling heavy loads for extended periods of time, and hot-rodding can all lead to EGT's rising to danger levels. One way to combat high EGT's is to make the exhaust less restrictive, make the pipe larger and free flow the muffler. Common upgrades are 4 inch and 5 inch pipe. The larger pipe allows hot exhaust gasses to escape more quickly, accomplishing lowering the EGT's in the motor. Other benefits of the upgraded exhaust may be a horsepower gain and/or a fuel mileage gain, because the engine does not have to work as hard to get rid of the exhaust. More air and fuel means a larger system is needed to handle the increased exhaust flow. That's accomplished with larger-diameter pipes, free-flow mufflers, and mandrel-bent tubing. A restrictive exhaust will increase EGTs. On a stock engine, a low-restriction exhaust will drop a lot of EGT under a load and sometimes gains a boost for a small increase in power. When combined with other modifications, the exhaust works in concert with the other stuff to increase the benefits or to make those benefits possible.

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