Your catalytic converter is responsible for reducing harmful gas and reducing emissions from entering the atmosphere. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) required by law since 1975 almost all vehicles to have a catalytic converter. These help filter toxic substances into cleaner air fumes before they leave your car. Regulations require strict emission control, but it don’t mean restricted air flow has to be the standard. We have high flow catalytic converters, made from highest and efficient durable materials, which meet and exceed legal requirements in 49 states and pass EPA regulations.

Did you fail emissions? Here at my shop we carry and install catalytic converters for all type of OBDI and OBDII. Does your car have a lack of power hard to get over 50mph you potentially have a plugged converter that is serious problem that can leave you stranded at any time of worse even damage your motor(the codes stored in computer which will trigger check engine light po420,po430 catalytic converter efficiency below threshold) come by let us help you fix this problem for all cars, trucks, suv all sizes for different applications heavy/light duty, 2"2.25"2.5"3", dual inlet single outlet ,diesel, ford HD (torpedo )… we also carry bolt in manifold catalytic converters and custom made manifold catalytic converter.


Symptoms of a bad catalytic converter include the following?

• Failed Emissions

• Poor Performance

• Bad Fuel Mileage

• Check Engine Light On code p0420/p0430

• noise coming from Catalytic Converter

• Vehicle losing power

If so, your vehicle may need to have the Catalytic Converter replaced. Catalytic Converters are one of the key components of your vehicle.  By keeping it in good condition and having maintenance done on time will help prevent any major repairs and/or breakdowns


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